ADMIN: TekScopes Moderators Required

Michael Dunn

Hi everyone. While Dennis has been doing a fantastic job running TekScopes, he could use some help and backup (which of course I’ve provided in the past whenever possible). So, we’re looking for one or three people who can share the duties.

What are the requirements?

1. Ideally you’ve moderated a group before, but more importantly, are “good with computers” and can generally figure out things on your own. The group mostly runs itself—the main task being to approve members’ first posts.

2. You follow or at least scan group postings, so you can keep on top of any issues that may arise.

Please don’t “apply” unless you’re quite sure you want to do this. I.e., we don’t want to be overwhelmed with applications :-} Tell us who you are and about yourself a bit, how long you’ve been in the group, etc.

This isn’t really a topic for group discussion, so please, let’s not start. Also, suffice to say that anyone who responds to this via the group will be barred from consideration! (that’s your first test) You can reply to me, but, no…better to send to the general “Moderators” email so both Dennis & I get it. That’s your second test ;-)