Tek 531A overhaul

Nico F4IAN

Hello all
I have started giving my old 531A a much needed complete overhaul. I created an album and posted a few photos here https://groups.io/g/TekScopes/album?id=265938

Now I have a quick question : I've replaced most electrolytic caps but I still have 3 that are not easily accessible (see 2nd to last picture in the album. They are called C507, C603 and C605). How would you remove them ? Do I have to unsolder the components on the ceramic strips ? (I don't want to, but if I have to...)


Mark Vincent


Yes, you will need to unsolder the leads of the parts. Only one end is necessary while bending the part up. That way you can easily tell where it goes back. The hardware to remove the cans will be easily reached. If you want to replace any of the resistors while one end is up, that is up to you.