RSA 3408 A Real time spectrum analyser

Anil Nediyara

I have been offered a Tek RSA 3408A RTSA in reasonably good condition with a years calibration certificate (NABL accredited) I would like to know if any of our members could help me find a realistic price for thd same. I have been receiving astronomical figures from online used gear suppliers.

Thank you


RSA3408A, actually manufactured in this century, is almost a contemporary instrument (compared to much of what is discussed in this group). Considering that spectrum analyzers seem to retain their value much longer than scopes, I would expect that a reasonable asking price (for a working unit) to be in the same range as the original retail price.

That said, the most recent catalog that I could find was from 2000 and an 8GHz spectrum analyzer (the R3465) cost $32,995 (base model). If we just scale that up for inflation we get $51,580. So I'd guess that the expected price for a used (and working) SA of relatively recent vintage would be at least $5,000-$10,000.

Disclaimer: I'm not very familiar with spectrum analyzers, so I'm not confident that the R3465 is a good analog for the RSA3408A, which has a much lower frequency floor.


A reasonable price for an RSA3408A might be somewhere in the range of 3000 to 5000 USD, depending on the condition of the instrument and the trust you have in the seller.

An RSA3408B will sell for a lot more because of the DPX live spectrum display.

Anil Nediyara

Thank you all for the valuable insights. I am confirming it for a around ₹1.5k


It is a very nice instrument, fast and accurate. The windows OS makes it easy to save screen images and other data to USB devices. Option 21 is very helpful.

If you get it, I suggest that you open the unit and inspect the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and on the CPU board. They are prone to failure.

You should also capture an image of the hard drive.

Here is the datasheet:

Anil Nediyara

Thank you. Will chk the electrolytic caps and back up the hdd image. It has almost all the options enabled, was a demo equipment for the technical sales team of Tektronix here.


You will love it. A great learning tool. I didn't realize how much they weigh until I got one. The new Tek USB real time analyzers just weigh a few pounds but these are very substantial at 20 kg / 44 lbs

Roy Thistle

On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 09:36 PM, nj902 wrote:

You should also capture an image of the hard drive
One really should. (One won't realise how germane that recommendation is until Win 2000 begins working its evil.)
Roy Thistle


Mine runs XP. It's been rock solid.