'splitting' A2 and A3 PCBs when recapping Tek 2465

Jon Nicoll

Hi All
I am on a small Tek 2465 recapping project. I know there is a lot of information here...

I have recently bought a recapping set from Menahem Yachad (who I see posts here). I had previously part-stripped down the scope and am now returning to this project.

One fairly simple question: I have extracted the A2 & A3 PCB 'pair' - but I am being a bit cautious about 'splitting' them. I can unscrew the Torx screws, of course, but it's not 100% clear to me how the small black plastic clips work. I am guessing that they could be a bit fragile after all these years, and don't want to break them by removing them incorrectly.

Can anyone give me the 'trick'?

Thanks & Regards, Jon N

Jon Nicoll

Reply to my own message... I've managed to do this fine after a bit closer examination. I just use a small pair of pliers to squeeze the inner 'jars' of the clip.s Everything came away fine. I have mostly completed the recapping boards A2 and A3...

Jared Cabot

Beaten to it, but here I show how to work the clips in a restoration video:


Jon Nicoll

Thanks Jared, your video looks useful and interesting in any case.

I was hoping you might go through the removal of the main board, but I see not ... ;-/

Cheers, Jon N