FS: Tek Type 134 Current Probe Amplifier Kit - Repost

Liam Perkins <hifi@...>

Dennis is of course correct, it's a 'P6019' not the unobtanium 'P6109'.
I'm begging off due to caffeine deficiency dyslexia.

I added a couple of pix to the PDF linked below and thru all that
hacking about decided I want this in someone else's hands more than I want
the last buck out of it. So, any reasonable offer(s) will be given due

============= Earlier Post ==================

This is in good nick, the P6019 probe itself is fine and everything

The copy of the manual at the link below has 4 pages of pix of this kit
right at the front, including a scrappy iPhone photo of it running on the
cal' loop of a 7844:


The termination -is- complete with both BNCs, I was tired and it being
badly overexposed I inadvertently cropped the input one in Photoshop . . .

Asking $US300.00 + the about $US30.00 postage to most continental US