Please do not Upload Manuals to TekScopes


We are incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic place for manuals,
publications, application notes, technical materials, etc. and anything else
you can think of relating to all the Tektronix instruments and products we

TekWiki is the most amazing treasure trove of information we could possibly
want. It is all due to the tireless work of one amazing person. I use his
creation every day and I am constantly astounded with how much information
he has found and organized for us. I honestly do not know how he does it but
I do know he is relentless in searching out and publishing everything he can
find for us on TekWiki. Nothing compares to it anywhere else for the depth
of information he has ferreted out and for how easy it is to use.

When you have a minute please let Kurt Rosenfeld know how much he has done
for us. At the bottom of the TekWiki home page there is a way to contact him
to express your thanks.

Please stop uploading service manuals to TekScopes. TekWiki is a far more
appropriate place for them and any other reference materials you may have.
Kurt will be delighted to get the manuals and materials you have if he
doesn't already have them. Everything on TekWiki is secure and backed up so
all that knowledge is as safe as possible.

If you have already uploaded manuals or other materials to TekScopes please
contact Kurt to put them on TekWiki and then REMOVE them from TekScopes. If
we do this for all the publications from Tektronix they will be much easier
to find for everyone on the internet than if they are in our archives.

Every time you need information on a Tek product the only destination you
should think of is TekWiki.
If you need help or advice with a Tektronix product then TekScopes is the
right place to come to.

Please do not forget to thank the volunteers that make the vintageTEK Museum
( possible. They are also a source for help,
knowledge, parts, and equipment. They have intimate knowledge about the
history of Tek and the people that made Tek so great. Through their
resources, contacts, and the instruments they have on display they are
keeping the memories of the golden age of Tek alive. You can contact them
directly at <> , and
signup for their monthly newsletter at
<> .

Dennis Tillman W7pF