FOR SALE: Complete 7L18 Front panel with all controls and cables


I have a COMPLETE front panel section from a 7L18 1.5GHz to 60GHz Spectrum
Analyzer which I don't need.
Note: This is the double wide main section of the 7L18. It does not include
the 3rd Reference Level plugin that goes to the left of the main plugin.
All the knobs are intact with no cracked plastic. They all turn quite easily
(they have a very nice feel when they turn)
The pushbuttons move freely and don't jam. There are no marks or scratches
on it so it seems to be in perfect condition.
There are two full size boards behind the front panel.
I can't see any numbers that might be on the first PC Board which is the one
directly behind the front panel because the 2nd PC Board obscures all of it.

The 2nd PCB says "Front Panel Brd #2" and "HA-5030-02".
It looks like it has around 10 ribbon cables that would connect to the rest
of the 7L18

I know this will be very valuable to the right person - someone who can put
it to good use to repair their 7L18 or to use it for parts.
The only way I know how to be sure it gets to that person is to take offers
and sell it to whoever values it the most.
To be fair to everyone, including myself, I will allow a week for people to
think about what this is worth and contact me with their offer.
eBay uses a modified second-price (Vickery) format for their auctions and
familiar to most of you so this is the format I will use.
The bidding starts at $1. Shipping to the US is free. Outside the US
shipping will be whatever the cost is to get it to you with appropriate
insurance and customs declarations.
The bidding will end at 12:00 PM Wednesday May 26, 2021. I am in time zone
UTC - 07:00 so set your clocks accordingly
If you contact me with your offer and it is greater than the highest offer
at the time then the current price goes up to the 2nd highest bid (Vickery)
as on eBay. Other bidders, and only other bidders, will be notified of the
new 2nd highest bid so they may choose to bid again. Your identities will be
kept private. At the end of the auction I will notify all of the
participants of the final price to be paid by the highest bidder. The price
they pay will be whatever the 2nd highest bid was.
How a Vickery auction works is explained much better on this web site:

* Please contact me with your offer OFF-LIST at dennis at ridesoft dot com.
* To get in on the bidding your offer must be greater than the current bid
* Everyone who has placed a bid will be notified of the current price of the
front panel each the bid price goes up.
* Your identities will be kept private.
* Bidding ends at 12:00 PM Wednesday May 26, 2021. UTC - 07:00. The winner
will be announced a few minutes later.
* Payment via PayPal is preferred.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

PS I have my fingers crossed this doesn't get as complicated as all the
other things I have tried to do.