Vision Engineering VS7 SMD inspection station available soon on the Stuff Page


A local friend has MS, and is liquidating his lab gear, so one item that is coming up is a Vision engineering VS7 (7 inch diagonal) stereo single-plane viewing system. Unlike a microscope, this projects the 3-D stereo image to a viewing screen for easy and comfortable viewing with full depth.

The system is complete with all accessories, and includes a large anti-static worktable, sliding PCB conveyor platform (will accept a large panelized board array, and slide in both X/Y directions. A beautiful high end bit of mechanics and optics. This a large and heavy system, so local purchase and delivery is ideal, but we can disassemble it for shipment.

We will have pictures posted soon, we have to replace two missing bottom feet first and run all the electronics to be sure they are 100% functional Email me directly if any interest. These appear only rarely, so here's a chance to own an extraordinary piece of equipment. Out job is just to match up the family with a good buyer, so we are happy to answer any questions.The target price is US$1200.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.