Cheap Auction Opportunities - Tek 5111A and 7613


Posting this because of the other thread where people were sharing how used Tek prices have skyrocketed on FleaBay, etc.

These are too far away for me - but the prices are right, and this company will apparently get you in touch with reliable local shippers - or you can pick it up locally if that is practical for you. You can also inspect the goods before bidding if you're local.

5111A with a 5A26 and a 5B10N module
7613 Scope with a 7B92A and 7A26 module

As of the posting of this thread there were zero bidders, and the items start at $25.

I've watched these guys before. Often this Tek stuff doesn't sell, or goes really cheaply. The items are in Gilroy CA, and I am not associated in any way with this auction. Note that there is a 20% buyer's commission on your bid.