Comprehensive parts list for 2430/2440

Mark Vincent

Mr. Joerg Rrichardt said I should put this list on the site for others who
want to have the list for restoring their scope. Here it is.

The parts I selected are the best in quality I could find. I want parts to
be in a piece for a long time without replacing because of a cheap part
that barely works. The part numbers are Mouser numbers. Ones that do not
have a part number after them are in the amount above with the same value.
No prices since I do not know the conversion for different countries. I did
not list the axial tantalums on the A10 and A11 boards as they rarely go
bad. They could be changed if the owner wants. R420 and R421 on the A16
board were lowered to bleed the B+ off faster. There is no reason other
than it as a random selection that is a common to find. What I called for
is a 1% type although a 5% will be fine in this case. The battery is a
larger capacity one than originally used to give a longer life. Early
models have a battery in one place and the chip to the rear while newer
ones use the Dallas type with the internal battery. This is a comprehensive
list. Check the s/n of your unit to make sure it matches parts. Higher
capacitance values are in some cases. It will filter better. The board
numbers, Axx:, are listed in order they appear in the manual. The power
supply diodes are not listed. Replace as necessary with heavier duty ones
when originals fail.

A10: C110, C111, C112, C122, C140, C141, C142, C169, C190, C202, C211,
C213, C215, C223, C263, C265, C340, C465, C468, C471, C480, C511C C523,
C524, C652, C768, C851- 47MFD 25V (40) 647-ULD1E470MDD1TD
C530- 22MFD 10V 581-TAP-226K010SRW
A11: C130, C131, C700, C701, C702- 22MFD 25V to 47MFD
A12: BT800 battery 667-TL5903P
C590, C882, C884, C886, C904- 47MFD 25V
C938- 10MFD 25V 647-ULD1H1100MDD1TD
A13: C702, C731- 22MFD 25V (2) 581-TAP226K025SRW
C881 1MFD 35V (film) (10) 80-R82DC4100DQ60J
A14: C903, C904- 47MFD 25V
A16: C105, C305- 680MFD 200V (2) 647-LGR2D681MELA40 or (2)
647-LGR2D821MELC30 for higher filtering if it will physically fit.
C128, C138, C184, C829, C900- 1MFD 35V (film)
C244- 180MFD 40V to 35V 647-UHE1V221MPD1TD
C262, C553- 840MFD 12v TO 1200MFD 16V (2) 647-UHE1C122MPD
C455- 1200MFD 6,3V TO 1500MFD 16V 647-UHE1C152MHD6
C460, C856, C956- 250MFD 20V to 330MFD 16V (3) 647-UHE1C331MPD
C461, C487, C494, C550, C585, C594, C595, CC650, C695, C947- 100MFD 25V
(11) 647-UHE1E101MED1TD
C664, C764- 4,7MFD 35V (2) 80-R82CC4470Z330J
C706, C816- ,068MFD film (2) 594-F339X136848MFP2B
C625- ,01MFD 80-F872BB103M480R
C219, C225- ,0022MFD 594-F339X122248MDA2B
C223- .001MFD 871-B32911A5102M
C750, C756- 180MFD 25V to 330MFD (2) 647-UHE1E331MPD6
R420, R421- 470,000 to 150,000 1W (2) 594-MBE04140C1503FC1
R223- 100,000 1/2W to 2W 71-CPF3100K00FHE14
R627- 150,000 1/2W 660-MF1/2CC1503F OR (100) 273-150K Xicon only sells
1/2W in packs of 100
A17: C218- 4,7MFD 100V 647-ULD2A4R7MDD1TD
C317- 10MFD 100V 647-ULD-2A100MED1TD
C613- 100MFD 25V 647-UHE1E101MED1TA
A10: R220, R512, 360 1/2W to 1W (2) 279-H4P360RFZA
A17: R245- 357,000 1/2W 594-HVR3700003573FR5
R246- 442,000 1/2W 603-MFR50SFTE52-442K
R247- 121,000 1W 71-CCF60-121K-E3
R248- 169,000 1W (2) 71-CMF5584K500FHEK (put these two in series)
R689- 357,000 1W MFR100FTE52-330K in series with 756-MFR4-27KFI
Optional- change the two NTC from the mains input from 5 ohms to 10 ohms to
reduce inrush current. (2) 527-CL60

Use a high deg. C m/k (4 or more) heatsink compound from heatsink to inside
base to help transfer heat and on any devices on a heatsink. Something like
MX-4 compound. Using this compound is advised for the 2465/7 series. Put
the compound on the CCD chips with the black heatsinks.The RIFA capacitors
have been speced and changed manufacturer to X1 values which will easily
handle 230/240V mains. The voltage rating of these is higher than the X2
types. Be sure to oil the fan with a heavier oil. That has not been
lubricated since it was new. Using a shielded mains cord will help keep
noise from being radiated from the cord by the noise coming in and noise
generated from the supply. Any FAIL modes might change to PASS after
replacing the battery and power cycling it a couple of times. My 2440 did
this. I do not know how it went from FAIL to PASS without calibration
unless the internal resistance of the new battery is the reason even though
the original checked good with a VTVM.



Hi Mark,
this is great! Thanks so much!


Thanks very much, Mark!