2246 Flex PCB Interconnect - How Do You Disconnect Them Without Damaging Them?

Les Orr

I bought my 2246 on eBay 6 years ago. It was really good until 8 weeks ago. Then, without warning, one day it wouldn't turn at all - no diagnostic LEDs, no clicking, nothing.

I found out the hard way that the 2246 was re-designed at Sn 100100 - look out for that trap. I bought the correct new manuals from Artek, "070-7061-00" and "070-7062-00." I also opened the 2246 up.

I am left with a nightmare. I would add photos if I could. The 2246 is stuffed like a sausage. The PS is buried in the middle. You need to disconnect several Flex PCBs to even get started.

I would appreciate any HELP you give me. Thanks.

Roger Evans

I hope someone will correct me if this is incorrect, I repaired a 2245A a couple of years ago which I then sold on. If these are the white ribbon cables with no obvious moulded on end connectors then they are just a push fit and need a little release agent such as IPA before pulling them out either with fingers or long nose pliers, trying to grip as much of the width of the cable as possible.

Beware the snap fit plastic connectors holding some of the boards together, particularly the front panel processor board. You need to _exactly_ reverse the disassembly sequence or the plastic locking button will break off!