Please wrap this up.: RE: [TekScopes] OT: microscope source?


40 messages on an off-topic subject is excessive.
I think by now Brad Thompson has enough information to make a decision about Amacope and many other microscopes that may be an aid to his failing vision.
If Brad has any additional questions this would be a good time to ask them.
If anyone wishes to continue the conversation please take it off-line.
Dennis Tillman W7pF

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On 15/04/21 22:06, Roy Thistle wrote:
On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 01:36 AM, Tom Gardner wrote:

I suggest it might be worth some quick and cheap experiments to help
you decide on your equipment.
All these headband thingys seem cheaper on Ebay (but maybe not if you
have Amazon prime.) I find a dizzying plethora of them.. on Amazon, Ebay... and tellingly... less on Bangood!
And just and only in my personal opinion... they are all sub-useful. I say that because... again in my opinion... when Chinese manufacturers find a design that "works" they stick with it... and everyone just copies it. Obviously, they haven't found one they like, at the price point they like. The whole mess of these things is likely junk.
As I noted, they are widely available.

As for being "junk", the type I referred to

* work extremely well for my eyesight and my work
* has been replaced once after 6 years - but at that price it is perfectly
possible to regard it as a consumable

so I don't recognise your meaning of junk.

But as I also noted, YMMV.

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