Assembly question about Jared's TM500 tester


All the parts I ordered from Digikey arrived (bar the fuse holders) so I'm
populating the PCBs.

The two headers J3 and J4 on the switch PCB are asymmetric. Should the
long side or the short side plug into the receptacles on the main PCB? I
think it's probably the long side so the switch PCB ends up further from the
main PCB, but confirmation would be good!

PS Be warned the main switch S1 was shipped to me by Digikey without the
stop pins. They also shipped a two row receptacle instead of single row for
J2 on the front panel PCB (part number on bag was correct, contents not so


Jared Cabot


The pins should be on the underside of the Switch PCB with the short side soldered into the PCB so the longer side mates with the sockets in the Main PCB.
The same is the case for the Front Panel PCB headers.

Hope that helps! :)