fs- Tek Oscilloscope 533 - $20.00 Orange/Los Angeles county, pickup only.


SOLD- 533 scope.
I am informed that the 533 scope has been collected by a new owner with restoration intent.


from craigsList 03/30/21.
Tektronix Oscilloscope 533 - $20 Location- Orange County, California. pickup only.
"Vintage Oscilloscope from the 1960s. This was my dad’s when he was an engineer for the defense industry. I believe it works it powered up last time we plugged it in but that was many years ago. What you see is what you get no cords or cables included.
It’s a very heavy duty unit and has a great vintage patina.
Cheap - Come and get it!"
There are 3 pictures - I looks very restorable.

I have no affiliation but contacted Gabe (the seller) at the CL ad; he has no other electronics available, will be moving soon, wants to find it a good home for this vintage lab scope. I am posting the info here with seller's permission. CL ref. number is 7295941086 and a CL link below. Contact Gabe direct through CraigsList or me OFFLIST if you need help.


All fir now,