TEK 2430 Works Fine and then Freezes

John Morris

I have a 2430 that PASSES all tests and works fine on both channels using a function generator. After a minimum of 30 mins, sometimes longer, the screen will freeze and no controls will change it. The last curve will be frozen on the screen.
If I turn it off and then back on after waiting 30 secs or so, it will not boot up at all sometimes and sometimes it will go to a horizontal trace but no input will show on the screen.
If I turn it off for several hours and then back on, everything is fine again for another 30 mins or so and sometimes up to several hours. Then the screen with a trace will freeze up again. I can hear the relays clicking as i change the timebase but it changes nothing on the trace. The curve screen position controls change nothing either.
If anyone has seen this before and can point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated.

John / K7RLD