FS: Tek 206-0104-00 Straight Tips for 6-32 Probes

Jim Adney

I have been looking for a few of the long pointed tips for my P6008 low capacitance probe, but nothing popped up until I found someone on ebay selling them in batches of 20. That's way more than I needed, but the price was right. I'm hoping a few of you out there would like to share in this windfall. They have arrived and are NOS, as advertised. I'm willing to sell as many or as few of these as you want, but postage and handling will make it more economical to buy several, rather than just one. I've posted a photo here:


As you can see in the photo, these were military wrapped, each one in a sealed Tek plastic bag, then in a white Tek box, and then in a sealed foil pouch. If you want the whole works, it will cost more to ship. My preference will be to discard the foil pouch, flatten the white Tek box, and leave the tips sealed in the Tek plastic bags. Shipped that way, I figure $5 for packing/shipping, plus $1 per tip would be fair. My 1991 Tek catalog shows these for $1.91 each.

Jim Adney

5 of these have now been sold. I'd like to keep 5 for myself, so that leaves 10 still available.