What to do when the 2335/6/7 Front Cover latches break....


These two plastic slide latches hold the front cover closed to the main scope for storage and shipping. they are pretty fragile, and the cover can be heavy on the 2336/7 versions due to the circuitry inside, so the latches fail pretty often. needless to say, spares are non-existent. 3D printing might be an option, but it's a two part assembly with a molded in metal nut, so probably not.

Looking at a very nice 2336 I had ready to go, except for the dreaded latch problem, I took Susan's suggestion to try some velcro.
Wow, what a great fix that was. I took some half inch velcro with adhesive backing, and cut it in half (so only 1/4" wide). Then, a short 2 inch strip of adhesive velcro at the middle of the main scope, right at the front edge mates perfectly with an equal length hook strip inside the cover top edge. Too much velcro makes it hard to open, and can rip off the mating part, just a bit is enough.

The 2336 on the stuff season page was fixed that way, the picture clearly shows the velcro placement if you can't quite envision it. It fixed a really annoying problem for me, and looks and works great. Might be a useful fix for your unit too.

see it here: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/2021-4-equipment/tek-2336a2-open.jpg

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)
sphere research corp.