KUDOS to Chuck Harris for fixing/calibrating my 2465b

Mark Hatch

With the voluntary help of many of you on this list, I successfully re-caped the LV PS on my 2465B and in the process, fixed the intermittent power-on failure (it was one of: LV PS, on/off switch, or the resistor that was part of the power on circuit). Thank you all!

But I was faced with replacing the NVRAM and getting the scope calibrated better (frequency was close, voltage was off 10-15%). Neither of which I had the tools or experience to do so.

Chuck Harris (one of the frequent contributor on this list) was willing to take care of both issues at what I considered more than a fair price. Just got the scope back yesterday and it is so much better!

Although I am sure that there are others on this list that provide similar services for fee or free, I can definitely recommend Chuck as a fair and competent technician if you are looking for similar services on your Tek scope.