Making a Replacement Output High Level Knob for a PG502


I have a PG502 that I am fixing up, and it lost the output high level knob (366-1514-00). I have been unable to find a replacement knob online, so I am going to try to construct a replacement, but I need to know how the groove that engages the pin in the output low level knob is arranged relative to the index mark on the high level knob. If anybody has a PG502, could you post pictures of the knob showing both the index mark and the groove in the base of the knob?


-- Jeff Dutky


I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

Jared Cabot

Here's the knobs from my PG502, the red line on the paper indicates where the white line on the small knob is to help with indexing.

If you need dimensions, let me know and I'll measure them up.


Thanks Jared,

I don't think I need dimensions. It looks like I just need the metal core from a 475 trigger slope knob and I can cut off half of the base on the opposite side from the set screw. I might have some damaged slope knobs in my salvage box.

The knob on my PG502 was completely missing, not merely smashed. I've currently got a trigger slope knob on there, just to have something, and the inner diameter on that knob is correct for the high level shaft. I just needed to know where the index mark went in relation to the stops.

-- Jeff Dutky