7L5 shaft encoder disassembly


Bonjour a tous,

Working on my 7L5, has just one bad shaft encoder knob, the FREQ span/div

Usual flaky positions 1/2/5 kHz are acting like 100/200/500 kHz. Just using contact cleaner does not fix the issue.

The great TEKWIKI page has instructions for disassembly of the panel and for repari of the dot freq and ref level.

However the FREQ/div and RES knobs have the encoders inside the knob housing.

After extracting the assembly from the FP, a few questions:

a/ How to get the steel version of the snap in retaining ring, this one has a bad plastic retaining ring.

b/ How to open up the smaller inner FREQ span/div knob?
No setscrew or any means visible to open it.

Will later post photos

Mille mercis



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