Price Increases DO NOT Apply to TekScopes


I have read a copy of the email from Mark Fletcher very carefully line by
line. (although I am annoyed I did not receive a copy sent to me directly).

As I understand it these price increases DO NOT APPLY to TekScopes!
There is no reason to bring the subject of price increases up again on
TekScopes so please don't.

If you believe I am mistaken contact me OFF-LIST with the specific sentence
in Mark's email that I misunderstood and your explanation of how I
misunderstand it. If you do not already know how to contact me off list that
is a good clue you haven't been paying attention. Above all else do not send
a post to TekScopes asking how to contact me off-list since it completely
defeats the purpose of keeping irrelevant stuff off of TekScopes.

If you see Mark's message and you panic pay attention to these critical
sentences which you probably did not read or understand, take a deep breath,
and do not post your misunderstanding of what Mark wrote to TekScopes.

1) "I mentioned a year ago that I was considering changing to a per-member
based pricing scheme FOR NEW GROUPS."
--- TekScopes IS NOT a new group.

2) "These changes only apply to groups upgraded after Tuesday, February 2nd,
2021at 9am Pacific Time; EXISTING PREMIUM.GROUPS will keep their legacy
--- TekScopes is an EXISTING premium group.

3) "Premium groups will now have 30GB storage. EXISTING PREMIUM GROUPS will
get this storage bump as well."
--- TekScopes will get the storage bump to 30GB from 20GB. This is good
news. We are currently using 5.9GB of storage but it is starting to grow.

Dennis Tillman W7pF