1S2 plugin wanted in Europe


Tek fans,

I'm afraid I haven't been active on the list for a while because emails started bouncing for some reason and cut me off. I think I've fixed that now, though, so can join in again.

Like many people I've done a lot of working from home over the past few months, which has meant that my trusty 535A with its various plugins has been earning its living. I've enjoyed using it very much. I now have the feeling that my life would be a little more complete if I could find a 1S2 sampling/TDR plugin. It would genuinely be useful as well as technically and historically interesting.

I realise there aren't many of these around, though I note that one sold on eBay Germany just before Christmas. I'm happy to pay a sensible price for one, and I don't mind if it's not fully working. Repairs are all part of the fun.

I'm in Warsaw, Poland, if that makes any difference but am happy to arrange international shipping.