5440 scope vertical creep/jitter (intermittent)


Hey all,

Right in the middle of working on reviving a 5S14N and PG506, my 5440 scope started losing control of the vertical position setting. It creeps up and and then down and it’s occurring on all plugins. I remember several years ago reading somebody’s tip about what causes this on the scopes vertical board. But I can’t find the thread.

Has anyone ever dealt with this and fixed it?

Thanks, Rick

Paul McClay

It doesn't matter than I can't help with your vertical because you've already solved that.

I just popped in to say: congrats on your 5S14N acquisition! I hope your revival effort works out.


I would be interested if anyone knows what causes this too, as I have a 2213 where the channel 1 signal wanders vertically.

-- Jeff Dutky


Unfortunately when I added the words [resolved] the the thread's subject, it caused my solution to show up outside this thread. The cause was a cold solder joint at the delay line junction on the vertical board. Everything is working great on the 5440 now.

Now, back to the series of repairs for the whole set of plugins to get the 5S14N up to snuff.
- My 5B44 time base's channels have ghost traces all the place. I believe this will turn out to be dirty connections on the main time switches.
- My 284 Pulse Gen 1ns output is doo doo. Haven't looked at it yet.
- My PG506 smoked C464 10uf 25v tantalum last night that I just put in 3 weeks ago. It's hard to understand why this new cap's failure would be anything other than a bad or mismarked 25v cap because it has a very stable -16v on one side and ground on the other. My experience has been that an electrolytic cap will let you know immediately if you put it in backwards. It has been run for many hours over the last 3 weeks without a problem. I'll confirm it today if installed it backwards and I'll bump it to 35v volts.
- My TG501 Time Mark has problems in the nanosecond range. Haven't looked at this yet. It's this problem that led me to buy the 5S14N in the first place.

And so goes my Tek saga...