Peter Keller's CRT book

ken chalfant


I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and received my copy of Peter Keller’s book today.

I want to extend my complements to Peter for his efforts to create such a wonderful and informative book.

Additionally, I wish to express my gratitude to Dennis Tillman for his efforts, pain and suffering to make this work available to us, as well as all the other work he does on our behalf.

I really hadn’t given it much thought but I guess I was expecting a “perfect bind” or soft cover book. When I opened the mailer and was met with a beautiful “hard case” or hardcover gold debossed text book I was delighted. After spending some time with the book I am so very glad I got on the list to get a copy.

Dennis and Peter - Thank you so very much!




Bonjour cher Dennis, HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Yesterday, I have received the book, I am amazed by the hard cover binding, quality of printing and size and depth of the work.

BRAVO to Peter for this excellent tour de horizon of CRTs, with special focus on the Tek developments.

BRAVO to you for all your hard work on behalf of the group!

I am very appreciative,

All the Best and keep safe!