Details on 015-0670-00 Feed-Through Adapter for AM503B?

Jared Cabot

Oh nice, if you manage to find one that would be great!

Any info you are able to share on these current adapters (or any other tek gear) would be greatly appreciated! :)


Hi Jared,

I was one of the designers of the AM503A, AM503B, AM5030 and newer TCPA300/400 products. Let me dig through my parts bins to see if I have one (I think I bought some from RAMs way back?) or at least check the service manual to see if there was a schematic. I remember there was a coding resistor from a pin to gnd and then a short between the output of the power amp into the input of the attenuator for one of the adapters. There was a coding resistor and a coax that went straight into the attenuator input for the other adapter.

Stay tuned,

Jared Cabot

Hmm, so it seems Tektronix (or Tektronix Japan at least) have no info on this part at all, but were more than happy to offer me calibration services, how they could without having access to the equipment is interesting... haha.

So I'm still looking for any info on this part if someone happens to have one laying around.

Jared Cabot

Yep, that was me who added the detailed info, the photo of the DIY voltage adapter is mine. :)


On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 09:26 AM, Ed (SCSKITS) wrote:
Never mind, the voltage adapter is on tekwiki...



Might be worth wile to get the schematic for the 015-0598-00 voltage adapter also.

Jared Cabot

Hi all.

I'm looking to build an 015-0670-00 Feed-Through Adapter for testing the AM503B Current Probe Amplifier TM500 plugin modules.
I'm hoping someone has one they can take a peek inside and take some pictures so I can replicate one for myself.
I have the Amphenol 165-9 connector, I just need to know how the pins are connected inside...