Tek for time


I did not think this belonged in any of the current threads. Besides Tek scopes, I also restore and mess about with time and frequency stuff. I use mostly quartz frequency standards and my favorites are the mil-spec ones from Frequency Electronics and the older high-stability ones made by Tracor/Sulzer. In fact, my reason for this posting is that I am looking for a particular Tracor/Sulzer frequency standard - a quartz model 2.5B or (preferably) a model 2.5C. I suspect that at least some members of this group have an interest in time and frequency stuff or may know other electronics folks who do. I have a pair of Tektronix 7L5 spectrum analyzers both with (I think - have to check) the L1 input module and one with the Option 25 tracking generator. Also a 7L14. I have not used these in years nor have I recently powered them up. I'd swap all three for a Tracor/Sulzer Model 2.5C that has an intact dewar inside the case and has all three outputs working. I do not need the power supply - I have plenty of those. I know there is a model 2.5 on eBay, but it is the early version and I have one of those (still a remarkably stable quartz oscillator and still working after what - 40 years?). I have repaired a few of these; usually one of the output amplifier stages after the divider stage quits and only one or two outputs work. Harder to fix is if the oven temperature control goes - if it's just the oven controller, that's not too bad, but it's hard to get to, and recalibrating the oven needs a precision thermometer of the platinum type (like the HP one). Yes, I use GPS as well. I have a couple of quartz standards and one rubidium standard that are disciplined by GPS. So they are pretty much like cesium clock precision. Anyone who has the Tracor/Sulzer I am looking for or knows of someone who does and is interested in the swap or sale, let me know off-list (sonodocsch at gmail dot com). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the group!

Steve Horii