Tek TDS350 : T2 Transformer of LVPS


About one month ago I took my TDS350 off the shelves(which I left unused for almost one year)
that's when I found something was rolling and making noises inside of the case.

I opened it and found a small "U" shape magnet(or ferrite?),I took it out and pressed the power button,but received no response.
couple minutes later I found the "U" shape magnet is part of the T2 transformer of LVPS(half of the ferrite core).

I put it back where it belongs and held it with a rubber band,then I pressed the power button again,
this time it worked as it should be.later I added some glue to make sure the "U" shape magnet
won't fall out again.one week later the glue dried,I removed the rubber band.
the TDS350 works well now.