TEK 191 constant amplitude gen


Bonjour a tous: Found my TEK 191 gen in storage, untouched for decades, probably from a Sil Valley ham flea. Date codes from 1972. Have the orignal manual and GenRad connectors and cables.
Very clean, inside and out, brought up on variac, WORKS!

Tested on 7A29/7401 and used a Fluke 8902A TRMS meter (good to 20 MHz) and TEK counters.

Only fault: Low or no out on low end of high band, fixed after contact cleaning and exercising switches.

The calibration was within 1% on amplitude across the bands! Frequency accuracy is within spec ~ 1%

A few questions please:

1/ Is the 4 section variable tuning cap silver plated and specially made for TEK?

2/ I find it much more robust vs the modern SG503s which often have bad band switch problems. Your thoughts?

Best Regards,