Can anybody use a free new 120-0984-00 HV power xmfr for 455/465M? also have a 119-0029-00 Delay line


I got one of these included free with some other new parts, so it can be yours for free if you need it.
this is the large PCB mounting ferrite power transformer used in the 455 and 465M. happy to pass it along to anybody that needs it. it would be good if you can cover postage, but not essential.

I thought there was somebody fighting with a power supply problem in one of these scopes recently on the list, so this may be some help. just let me know. I just have one part. Also got a 119-0029-00 new delay line assembly, don't know where this is used, but presumably in an earlier scope, based on the low number. same thing, can be yours if you can use it.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.


Hi Walter,
I can use the 465M transformer. I want to keep a spare if no one else is in desperate need for it. I will PM you.



Walter; I am that unlucky soul fighting the 465M HV power issue that your are thinking of. I can use the transformer and would be happy to cover postage for the unit. If it is still available I'd like to make arrangements to get it from you.
Thank you Harrison N1FAM


Hi Walter,

I was the one looking for a transformer a while ago, but for a 2235A.
I have one for my 2235A coming now, so I expect that problem to be solved shortly :-)