PayPal Friends and Family Peter Keller CRT Book

Tim Laing

I have had PayPal for many years and it has gotten a lot of use for both buying and selling. Mostly buying the last few years. Also many years ago I did a group buy for over 1000 Nixie tubes that I then shipped all over the world to many purchasers. So I know what Dennis is going through! At least he is not shipping glass tubes! On a side note not one got broken!
Well back to PayPal, on the iPhone PayPal app the friends and family option is available. Also using friends and family you have several options for payment source ( if you have them set up.). In my case PayPal balance(in my case $0.00 as I am not selling) credit card(yes I have one linked) or linked bank account. I think I had to link a bank account to sell many years back. So the credit card option has a PayPal fee to the purchaser even for friends and family. There are no PayPal fees for using your PayPal cash balance for friends and family. There are no fees for using your linked bank account for friends and family. I have a free credit union account that pretty much only gets used for PayPal. I transfer money into this account when I have a paypal transaction coming up. Then I select linked bank account when I go to pay. No fees incurred to either party. These are all for domestic transactions.
All of the above is done online. Tim Laing