5441 trials & tribulations


I'm with you Tim. That delay line connection is a beast, both ends. My 5440 developed a break at the joint even with the strain relief configuration.
The intermittent connection caused my vertical position to drift and flicker. I found it by pushing on the vertical board with a chopstick while watching the trace.

It would be interesting to see how Tek handled the connection on the 7000 series.


Paul McClay

Just looking back through the last few months...

So how did it go? Happy to see another 5441 getting back in the game.

Tim Phillips

From Tim P (UK)
Just got back into my quest for a working 5441 - I've given up on the
instrument with the 'howling CRT' and bad storage board; that one had the
fault where it would fade positive in NON-store mode !
Kept the bottom half and obtained a display section that had a different
storage board. This one has the Beam-finder on the PCB and a square
extension shaft.
Trouble was, I had to re-connect the delay line - what a PITA; those two
tiny wires and a sort of strain-relief bracket soldered to the interface
board. Took me three goes, with magnifier head-torch, then direct sunlight
and loupe, and using a pair of micro-surgery forceps to manoeuvre the
wires, whilst fighting the delay line itself with my third hand (!!) And
yes, I did check the polarity.
Why didn't Tek use a connector of some kind ? Would that have caused
reflections along the delay line ? Anyway, now to put it all back
together. Phew