Have some free Tek probe parts and 475 delay lines, etc.


Digging through our many parts bins, I found a stash of oddball NEW probe parts we have no use for, so they can be yours free if you can use them. This includes:

2 ea. P6040 50 ohm probes (has GR874 to SMB, I think for CT1-CT2 current probes.
2 ea. 0415-1170-00 P6108A Compensation box (the part of the probe that fits on the scope, less the cable).
7 ea. 0013-0107-02 push on probe grabber (like a witches hat, but no brim). Don't know what they fit.
9 ea. black push-in probe tips (I think for P6106/6108 type) has only partial number: 206-023, also has the insertion tool. These have a long gold tip and a short one, and just push into the end of the probe body for easy replacement.
4 ea. boxes of what I think are differential probe tips, 1 ea. p/n 016-1781-00 (saver), 1 ea. 016-1885-00 (variable spacing adapter), and 2 ea. 016-1884-00 (square pin adapter).
I can provide pics of these on request.

We also have two used 475 delay lines (good pulls), and some misc. peltola jumper boards.

I will post all the items to the FREE section of the Stuff Season page:

later today if no immediate takers. lots of other Tek goodies there including an assortment of the most common BNC connectors (including indicating ones) Tek used going up later today. There's a pile of great 11K frame spares there, open to any good offer, they are just taking up space here.

let me know if you can use these items, email me directly if possible:
walter2 -at-

sphere research corp.