2465B OPT 09/11 cabling reassembly


Bonjour a tous,

This is a B060 SN scope, GPIB and CTT/WR options,

From epay as "defective power, works otherwise". It arrives with every cable disconnected from the power supply, and the supply completely blown.
I have removed the PSU and still working to fix or replace it. GPIB option was also removed, #671-0981-03
Question is how to replug all the option cables ?

Service manual and options manuals do not seem to have the exact cable configuration, in schematics or assembly diagrams,

IF anyone has the OPT 09 plus 10 configuration, I would appreciate photos of the cable/plugs on the PSU and GPIB board, to back panel and elsewhere.

Mille mercis pour votre aide gentil!

Many thanks for your kind assistance!

Jon .