Looking for Tektronix App Note AX-2535

Jim Leslie

The Tek App Note AX-2535 is by M. Engelson and is titled "Crystal Device Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer".
I am usually good about finding web stuff but had to admit defeat looking for this one. It was referred to in an old back issue
of QEX in 2003.
Is it possible someone has this reference?
thx - Jim

Dan G

The document ID is AX-3535. It is available on the TekWiki:



Jim Leslie

OMG how embarassing! :)


Dan G, you are a search master. I have looked for Tektronix spectrum analyzer related application notes on the TekWiki site (and elsewhere) and only found a couple.

Thanks to your skill, I have added one to my collection.

A few months ago I posted a suggestion here that it might be nice to have all the known Tek SA App Notes in one place and got zero replies.

I still think the idea has merit.

Jim Leslie

There are 16 subdirectories under http://w140.com/tekwiki/images/0/
and each one has a lot of useful information.
Thanks Dan G. !

Richard Steedman

Kurt gave me edit privileges to the tekwiki website a while back so I've added a link to AX-2535 in the "Application Notes" section of the site. That page would seem to be most obvious place to add links to other relevant App Notes. I'm happy to add more links if people send them to me by PM.

Peter H

Don't go via the directory listing please - this is (only part of ...) the internal folder structure of the Wiki.
All the files are listed in the Wiki (e.g. http://w140.com/tekwiki/wiki/Special:NewFiles) and most are referenced from the relevant page with further information.