FS substitute knobs (Need a 366-1258-00 knob for a 7T11...)

Brad Thompson

Richard Steedman wrote on 10/8/2020 2:53 PM:

Just for future reference if someone searches for this thread, the 366-1258-00 knob is also used on the 7S12.
A 366-1299-00 from a 7A18 or 7A26 makes a pretty good emergency substitute. You need to insert a small sleeve to expand the 0.125" spindle of the 7T11/7S12 to the 0.2" that the 366-1299-00 is looking for. The red knob fits in just fine and the only cosmetic difference is a much longer white line on the 366-1299-00.
These are not official Tektronix knobs, but may serve until the real thing comes along.

FS: sets of NOS concentric control knobs. These have longitudinally-grooved
surfaces and black cursor markings which contrast nicely with the aluminum knob material.
The top knob has a black insert.  Each knob gets secured to its control shaft by two
0.050-inch hex setscrews. A .jpg-format photo is available on request.

Bottom knob: 0.625 inches in diameter, 0.56 inches high, 0.25 inch through hole
Top knob: 0.425 inches in diameter, 0.56 inches high, 0.125 inch blind hole.

Each set comprises three top/bottom pairs, and as a bonus while
the supply holds out, three skirted plastic knobs with 0.125-inch
brass-insert blind hole and one 0.050-inch setscrew.

(Please note that the knobs are made from aluminum, a conductive metal,
and hence will pose a shock hazard if you're accustomed to floating the
chassis of an instrument.)

I'm asking $10.00 per package  (three two-piece knobsets plus three black knobs,
plus two 0.050-inch Allen wrenches). Postage is included for USPS first-class mail to U.S. locations.

Questions welcomed, PayPal honored.

Thanks, and 73--

Brad  AA1IP