My P7001 connected to a modern PC - need more infos about the original

Holger L├╝bben

Hi everybody!

I've managed to connect my DPO to a modern PC - here is a video of the working system:

This is the overlay-card I'm using:

To get the look & feel correctly I need some more input ;-)
Does anyone have any information about the programs which were available with the DPO?
Listings, printouts, descriptions, pictures, own experiences, ...?

I've shared all my information about the system on the tekwiki page:


Albert Otten

Hi Holger,

Nice work! I like the idea of giving commands via that keyboard at the scope in stead of the PC. Perhaps I will do similar with my 7854/GPIB. So far I gave commands via the PC, but the PC program could just as well wait for a command number from the 7854 (via SENDX).
I have a few kilos TEK SPS Basic manuals. These were used with my 7704A/P7001 and CP controller in a previous life but are not specific for that DPO I think.