For sale: 7704/7904 frames, 576 Curve Tracer

Kevin Oconnor

I have a friend, not too eBay savvy, with some equipment to sell.
I don't think he is likely to try shipping these, so maybe local pickup only.
I believe all this stuff is in working order.
All is located in Coopersburg, PA, so someone in the NY area
could get the whole lot.

1 - 7704A mainframe
2 - 7904 mainframes
1 - 576 curve tracer
7A26 x2
7B92 x2
7D15 250mhz counter

I long ago got rid of all my 7000 series hardware and manuals, or I'd
likely take them. I'd expect to pay ~$1000 for the 576. The other stuff has
values in the $100-300 range. The lot might go for a deal.
I can PM interested parties the contact info.


Wow, small world. I actually live in Coopersburg, or at least within walking distance [Springfield Township, Bucks County].

The funny thing is I have a bunch of 77xx/79xx frames rotting in my barn right now as we speak.

Resuming lurk mode now.

Jim Bennett
Speaking from a secure undisclosed location. Err, maybe not.