Old Tek Manual


I have a pdf copy of an old Tek scope (1950), 45 pages.There is/was no model number mentioned anywhere.
It is in excellent shape, clear photos, & schematics, abt 5 Mb
If anyone is interested, I can post it to the Group (one I figure how to do it) HankC, Boston WA1HOS

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Kurt Rosenfeld

I'd like to take a look. Please upload here:



HankC, WA1HOS, Boston

Kurt Rosenfeld

The history of that model is described here: 517 - TekWiki

517 - TekWiki Tektronix 517 50 MHz scope Tektronix 517 front view Produced from 1951 to 1965 Manuals Tektronix 517 Calibration Guide Early 517 Manual (PDF) Early 5...

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