Today I was given an SG504. It came without the head and since I already have two working SG504's I won't
bother fixing this one. It works fine with a working head so if anyone is interested in getting it and building
Dave's or Ancel's head make me a offer off list. Note, it does have the knocked off corners of the plastic
front frame which is so common. Shipping will be from Sweden at $28.50 or $38.50 depending on service.
PayPal is OK.



Thx for the mention. I don't supply a kit as the unit I make is stub tune calibrated to compensate for the PCB and the connector UHF tolerances and comes completely housed along with a new Lemo 3' cable.That way I can maintain the typical +/- 0.05dB flatness across the full range for all units. Occasionally I can get +/- 0.025dB flatness on a good build when the FR4, detectors and BNCs decide to play nice together.

BTW I now offer a complete SMA unit : SMA-Fem in with SMA Male output version as well.
Not that it works any better, given the tuning, but perhaps it's more convenient for some applications.

All built & calibrated versions (incl. cal. cert.) are available at $110 plus shipping ($7 economy = 4 to 6 weeks), UPS Express Saver = $65 (1 week tracked). Down to around parts for maybe 6 left.
They've gone globe trotting, Brazil, Finland, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Australia etc.