Test 04 Fail 02


In the course of runnung a 2445B calibration CAL01-CAL09 inmidst of one of these tests it happened that I may have powered off the scope uncleanly while still in some CAL mode. Don't remember since when that happened. Anyway, now I get into this mode TEST 04 FAIL 02 always when powering on the scope, whether the jumper is in CAL mode or normal.

Any clue how to get rid of this message or find the cause?



It seems that any problem when doing any of the Cals 01 - 09, like an incomplete, incorrect or "Limit" - flagged Cal. cycle, will set the Test 04 Fail 02 flag. It doesn't seem possible to find out which operation set the flag.
and only repeat that Cal. 0X.
I'm afraid you'll have to repeat the Cal. cycles and make sure that no LIMIT condition remains. I know this is possible, although the SM seems to exclude it. Complete each Cal. until completion.

The other day I replaced a DALLAS NVRAM with a Ramtron FM1608 and successfully completed a full calibration, eventually.



I turned to a new attempt repeating the CAL cycles to get rid of that
Test 04 fail 02 condition when powering up the scope.

Just went through CAL01 and still have this error. Do I have to go through all the cycles in ordered sequence or may I possibly skip one cycle and enter one that is more likely responsible for the fail condition?

Maybe I should mention that I obtained a preprogrammed Dallas NVRAM chip from that greek firm (QService) which contains calibration data for a 2465B (mine is a 2445B).

Not that some preprogrammed data now conflicts with my entered data so far.

I also have an empty "new" empty Dallas DS1225. Should I rather start with that to rule out any conflict with pre-existing data?