correction - 547 tunnel diode modification

morriso2002 <morriso@...>

Hi all (and Stan Griffiths especially),

My attention has been drawn to an error in the description of my
tunnel diode mod for the 547. Stan was kind enough to post the
modification on his website at <http://www.reprise.

The modification concerns replacement of the unobtainable 10 mA TD in
the timebase triggers with an easier to find 4.7 mA TD. Para 4 of the
description should read "...Add new 30K 1 watt resistors in series
with R247 and R248, which are each 15K 2 watts. (Total resistance is
now 45K each)..."

Stan, if you are reading this, could you please change the webpage

Sorry for any confusion, it's good to know somebody was sharp enough
to pick it up.