Type 519 Gigahertz scope; Smithsonian?

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You rang?

My first accelerator was the 340 MeV electron synchrotron (LBL). (Ed McMillan's baby.) On its retirement, the Smithsonian wanted to make a display of an "atom smasher". [Wood mockup of the heavy magnets, etc]. I borrowed a friend's Ampex then-prof. tape recorder to make an audio tape of the thump-thump noises of magnetostriction at 6 pps. They played this for some years, I'm told..

When I went by the Institution for usual reasons, I inquired about the 340 MeV. Exhibit long since mothballed :(
Don't suppose anyone -here- ever saw it ?? {sniff} (You'd remember the thumps, I wot)

But surprisingly.. on my enquiry, soon came along a umm researcher? Elevator; then led me through a maze of corridors Upstairs. Ha! - the Executive john at last..
He Wanted to Know about "operations", anecdotes and such (can you imagine? - decades after demise). Thought he was putting moi on .. but no .. He Was Taking Notes! er, cha cha cha

Anyway, I saw that I didn't 'understand' their MO / attitudes towards their stuff! And I still don't, but -- I hope that you approach someone there re first, a small education about the Old Tek; its [yes, perhaps] Uniqueness: the Standard of the World, and all over that world - in this niche, for a long time. And unlike all current bizness: maybe the last to earn State-of-Art in All Products, as appellation [?]

Our bias aside - I can't think of another mere 'Company' with such a heritage. I think many of the young can't imagine that there Was such a US Company, given their current bean-counter experience of that milieu.
(Just contrast the quite polarized "impression made by er 'Windows'" - also spread all over a different world, VS: Tek. QED)

20 mins of Celebrity-time :-�

Stan & Patricia Griffiths wrote:

I have to admit that my last trip to the Smithsonian was about 30 years ago,
but at that time I did not see a SINGLE Tek scope on display there. Has
anyone here made a more recent trip and seen ANY Tek instruments in the
Smithsonian? I have actually thought about leaving my collection to the
Smithsonian but I have no indication what so ever that they would appreciate
it, even slightly.

I, however, have personally been on display in the Smithsonian! Yes, during
that trip, I went by the display of an operating ham station and noticed an
open operating position. I showed my license and was permitted to operate
the cw station that was on display there so I, personally, was a part of the
"live" display of ham radio.

They may not have a Tek scope for display, but they did, for a few hours,
have the one and only Stan Griffiths on display!


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Welcome, Mattias

Perhaps you've already searched (?) and found on this list some
discussion of the circuitry, commentary and links to pix of the
internals of the 519. Believe this thread was ~ 2 years ago.

I've seen a 519 in use (probably one of a very few as could be afforded,
even at LBL). In addition to nuke tests, it was also of some use re
photomultiplier particle detectors at accelerators; to wit - at the
Bevalac complex. (6.2 GeV proton accelerator, later - heavy ions up to
2.1 Gev/c). Anything to see more BW, of course/./

You didn't mention -- any of yours operational or look like they might

I understand that some, many? have been gutted for Ham-radio use of the
expensive RF triode; just as many 5xx series are - for their saleable
'Bugle Boy" Telefunken vac tubes, for audio use. Such is the zeitgeist.

I hope that the Smithsonian has at least one of these.


Ashton Brown <ashton@...>


Well, I think.. I have an idea of scoper's ID.. Or somebody else is practising advanced Fatherland Security pastimes :-�

Yup, in borrowed "mess dress" uniform + "In This Style 10/6";
'twas a gala with Nobelists galore. Small anecdote re Glenn Seaborg (discoverer of many trans-Uranics + much more, incl. Govt honcho status. Al Ghiorso remains the King of transuranics fabrication, however).

Feeling somewhat attuned to the idea of dismantling a [certain Other] warfare adventure du that jour.. I opined over the champagne ~
"Ja, Ich bin vom milit�rischen industriellen Komplex. Ve haf decided zat diese 'Heavy Ions' can make fine new weapons fir eine Blitzkrieg.."
Reply ~ "Yes, and you're only a little crazy" (with a bit of a twinkle).

{sigh} In that regard and the timing of this little snapshot's appearance here: deja vu all over again. Nostalgia AIN'T what it used to be :(


Let me put it this way, re a recent NPR commentator (author) about the fact that "'stupidity' can reside quite nicely within the demonstrably 'intelligent'":
when ya gotta yell at a er Nobelist about NOT putting hot targets in the (personnel) "beam shack" .. you know that the species is In Trouble.

Fred Olsen wrote:

scoper796 wrote:

Would you be this Ashton Brown?
No wonder the SI is (or isn't) interested!
Now THAT'S a picture! ;<) Nevertheless, he was surely in distinguished company at LBNL.

I've come to the conclusion that there's quite an interesting group on this list; myself excluded, of course.


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