Model 7530 Spectrum Analyzer plugin made by Rockland Scientific Corp for Tek 7000 Series scopes

Dennis Tillman <Dennis@...>

Hi everybody,

Does anybody have a source for a technical manual for the Rockland (later
Wavetek) 7530 (or 7530A, or 7530B) 0 - 100 KHz Spectrum Analyzer plugin for
the Tektronix 7000 series scopes. It was originally designed and
manufactured by Rockland Scientific Corp in the late 1970s. Rockland was
later bought by Wavetek to get their technology which was very advanced at
the time. It is a microprocessor based FFT spectrum analyzer. Tek never made
anything like it.

I have the user manual, application notes, and specs for my two plugins (a
7530A and a 7530B) but I need the service manuals since they both have
problems. The 7530 is DOA. The 7530B works after it has warmed up for about
15 minutes but the trigger circuit doesn't work which, in certain cases, can
be a drawback. These are outstanding plug-ins and they run rings around the
7L5 in the 0 to 100KHz range. Of course the 7L5 has other qualities that
make it worth owning.

If anyone else has one of these babies I would like to hear from you. We can
share information and documentation.

Thanks, Dennis


I just uploaded schematics, user manual here -

Regards, Dana.