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No ..not exactly...more of something like this...see attached

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Hi Bill,

Hate to indulge in yet more shameless promotion of my website but did
your dad's invention look anything like this:


You might have seen this before, you might not. It doesn't sound like
what you describe, but it is a "remote controlled" reel mower from the
'50s, according to the eBay auction where I nicked the pictures...

P.S. I see that whoever now owns that 1934 Lawn-Boy is selling it
again, and using the exact same pictures to promte the auction!

On Sun, 09 Nov 2003 18:25:50 -0000, Bill Brobeck wrote:

From the desire to show the world how automobiles could be
automatically controlled while driving on a freeway, during the
1950's my father designed and built the (most likely) first automatic
electric lawnmower. From within the kitchen he would flip a switch.
The lawnmower would emerge from a special "dog house" and sit for a
few minutes while the motor controller vacuum tubes warmed up. The
mower would then follow lamp wire energize with 110 VAC buried in the
lawn in a circular pattern. Three coils mounted on the front would
allow the mower to "follow" the wire. After the lawn was mowed, the
wire would direct the mower back to the dog house and the door would
shut after the mower dissappeared inside. If a crowd of people was
around, a giant roar of applause would erupt everytime the the dog
house door would close. I was quite a sight.

This prototype has long since dissappeared, but he did build a few
for sale in the late 1950's. I remember they were red with a self
tensioning spool on top to keep the "extension cord" taught.

I'm looking for anyone who has any knowledge of their existance.


Bill Brobeck

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