Manuals from Tektronix

L. Mark Pilant <n1vqw@...>

There is one suggestion for getting copy permission that I have
not seen. It is one I used with HP to get permission to make
copies and distribute of the tables in two issues of their "Bench
Briefs" containing semiconductor cross reference information.

I was able to locate an appropriate person within HP, and after
talking to them on the phone, I wrote a letter asking permission
to copy portions of the issues *only* for distribution to members
of the Test Equipment and Vintage Solid State lists.

This limited content and distribution made have made a decision
by HP a little easier.

I have been fortunate enough to have obtained manuals for older
(obsolete) test equipment for free from the manufacturer who is
still around. While I may not be able to afford their new
equipment, you can bet when I recommend test equipment, those
manufacturers will be high on my list. BTW, it is not HP or
Tektronix. :-)

This *may* be something Tektronix has missed. While not too
many of us could afford the new equipment, many are probably in
a position to recommend equipment to our employers.

- Mark