465M Flaky vertical height. And "Tweek" cont. enhancer.


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Thank you, Peter. Information on MCL would be handy one day, too.

I went to Caig's web site and they are running a promotional, 6
vials of
products for $10.


Miroslav Pokorni
I have used the Caig products with some success too; handiest where
access is so restricted you can only spray, twist knobs a lot and -
blow out with air. 'Tweek' I have also used since ~ '83. It is a
'surfactant' - has some detergent properties but, it's major feature
is that it is slightly 'oily' and, under pressure - it is a
(demonstrated via a daisy-chain of BNC adaptors + a milli-ohm bridge).

In brief, at the high micro- local pressures of a contact, it "fills
in the gaps always present in any surface" with a conductor, yet does
not degrade even hi-ohms substrates. I think.. it's still
distributed by Sumiko, Inc. in Berkeley CA. Small 'nail-polish' type
applicator of the ingredient in v. pure iso-alcohol. (It's very
expensive! pure, and a little does a lot).

Hi-end audio shops have carried this in past, but I've been out of
touch lately. It has SYA many times, especially where a known flaky
connector is on a production board which can't be removed without
consequences (or a replacement connector can't be found). There are
many anecdotes of "miracle cures" for hair-pulling intermittents...

Bon appetit.