Tektronix 466 Storage Scope Knobs Needed

Bill Wollam

Hello, if anyone has access to or knows a source for the following
466 parts, I would be grateful:

- (2) A&B trigger level knobs #366-1280-00

- (1) B trigger slope knob #366-1278-00

- (1) vertical position knob #366-0494-00

- (1) extension shaft for vertical position knob #384-0442-00

Thanks in advance.



Bill, if you don't mind knobs that aren't perfect, I have enough used
ones to set up. They may be cracked, have a soldering iron ding,
have some paint rubbed off, but they're serviceable. When I was on
the bench at Tek, we were always replacing knobs for cosmetic reasons
and I never threw the old ones away.