What to do with a pile of 7A16P's? CADC?

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 4:24 PM +0000 2000/11/09, walter shawlee wrote:
We have a pile of 7A16P's, the programmable version of the 7A16, used
Other than landfill, any suggestions?
Strip off any easily strippable parts, hardware, knobs, etc, and sell grab bags of Tek parts.

Also have about 150 pounds of partial and failed 5K/7K plug ins we
are scrapping. Free to anybody that wants to pay the freight. We
are also looking for CRT's, nixie tubes and HP repair parts.
Tempting :-) Could you post a rough list of 7000 modules...? Any particularly "interesting" ones? (7C,D,L,M,Snn)

BTW, is the 5000 series a successor to the 7000, or concurrent? What's the difference? I'm quite amazed at the tube/SS overlap - the 7000 series started to happen in the late 60s, yet tube units were produced till perhaps 1973(?).

Semi-related question for Canadians out there: Anyone know if CADC (Crown Assets Disposal Corp) or a successor is still in operation? I used to get all sorts of interesting junk through them.

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