Housings to make custom TM500 plug ins, plus some good salvage


I have had many requests from stuff day visitors about junk TM500 plug ins to use to make custom test items, extenders, and so on. I am now out of free TM500 giveaways, and scrap metalwork to make TM500 items, but I went on a deep search and found something just as good, maybe better!

I have a big pile of mint looking Argo Systems plug ins (complete with pull tabs and covers), they are made from Tek provided TM500 parts, so they are prefect for making your own TM500 widget. Just keep in mind these two things:
1. they ARE NOT electrically compatible with a TM500 frame, even though the connector is the same.
2. The connector has no slots, so if you are going to try and use it after stripping the other stuff out, be aware it has NO SLOTS, you will have to file those in yourself.

These are FULL of great salvage parts, one even has a Trilithic 1-32dB step attenuator (wow), the other type is loaded with socketed logic dips. In any case, it's the best solution I could come up with, and they are just $25 each. you can see them all here on the stuff day page:

There are even some double-wide ones in the Argo Systems listing below these plug ins, I can offer them for $25 as well.

scroll down almost to the end of the Tek items, and you will find the Argo as210 stuff.
all the best,
stay safe,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.