Cleaning TM500 module pushbutton switches OBVIOUS SUGGESTION


The one thing I haven't seen in the 26 posts (so far) is anything that Tek recommends for cleaning these switches. I have my own way of doing it which is not any more scientific than anything else I have read so far. That is when I realized Tek is not usually silent on these questions.

I wouldn't know where to look off the top of my head but maybe in some of the TM5xx manuals or even the 7K manuals. Those switches were everywhere and every one of them gets gummed up after 20 to 40 years. The worst case I have seen, hands down, is the 7A12 plugin. It has the most (40!!!) push button switches of any plugin. Maybe that would be a good place to start searching for the recommended way to clean and lubricate these switches.

Alternatively TekScope magazine might have had a helpful article about keeping these switches in working order.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Hi all,

Hopefully not way off topic:

I have some TM500 modules with sticky/intermittently responsive
pushbutton switches (the small square kind). What is the recommended
cleaning procedure - Deoxit from Caig, or something else?

Cheers, Phil
Dennis Tillman W7pF
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